Sanada Hiruma

The big bear that founded the Masterless Alliance guild. A tough fighter, a compassionate healer, and someone not afraid to maul you for making him angry.


Cleric/Angelic Avenger Medium Size 38 years old, 8’5” 304lbs Lawful Neutral, Deity: Kashikoi Kuma (The Wise Bear) Strength 18, Constitution 15, Dexterity 15, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 21, Charisma 18 AC: 34 (35 against non-melee), Fortitude: 29 (30 against non-melee), Reflex: 25 (26 against non-melee), Will: 28 (29 against non-melee) HP: 102, Bloodied: 51, Surge Value: 27, Surges/day: 9 Resist 10 Fire Speed 7


Hiruma is a ronin that instead of letting himself be down trodden, got up and became a mercenary. As he earned money and renown he eventually purchased an old inn and turned it into his base of operations for his new guild, the Masterless Alliance. After which he began recruiting ronin, both Samurai and Ninja alike, and wandering warrior monks. As of today the guild is 30 men (and women) strong and with Hiruma’s guidance the warriors of the guild are happy and always employed. After taking up a job from a mysterious stranger, Hiruma boarded up the guild doors, and took his men out to perform his new client’s request, bring the Empires of the Orient together for the impending invasion. The guild is currently in the employ of the United Imperial army and is leading the offensive against the Felwing Empire. Hiruma has not only united the Empires of the Orient, but has enlisted the aid of the Metallic Dragons of the Sky Kingdom. He was also present when the Oriental Empires forged their alliance with the Great Republic, Paz, and Moneda Island. Hiruma is a kind and caring bear, but is quick to his temper when people do stupid things. He isn’t the kind of Bear to stand back and watch the action unfold and loves the heat of the battle, preferring to lead the charge. Hiruma has a big heart and is very protective of his sister Tokugawa Haruka and her son Masayuki. He takes personal interest in all his guild mates and takes care of them as if family.

Sanada Hiruma

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