In the far north east, on the oriental continent of Okami’s Garden, resides a mighty guild of ronin, lost monks, and ex-mercenaries known only as the Masterless Alliance. A guild formed together by the mighty Bear-Ikimono Sanada Hiruma, who leads his battle-hardened warriors across the oriental continent, from the distant isle of Wan Mao’s Playpen, to the exiled isle of Orochi’s Banishment. Travelling to unite the five empires and ready them for a war against the evil Felwing Empire.

With the oriental continent now unified, it’s now up to the Masterless Alliance to not only lead the first major attack against the Felwing Empire’s army, but to find the lost dragons of lore that live among the clouds. Hiruma, and his most trusted adventures embark on a quest that most think impossible as they attempt to turn the tables in the coming Dark War.

Masterless Alliance